At the Netcomm Suisse press conference today we learned of some compelling new initiatives that are bringing together the worlds of design and tech innovation for the benefit of the canton and beyond.

 Netcomm Suisse Design E-nnovation event focused on DesignTech takes place on June 18th 2019

  • During the event top brands in design, including Mooris and Vitra from Switzerland will be present
  • The Design E-nnovation Awards for start-ups/scale-ups in the sector will take place at the event
  • Architect and MIT professor Carlo Ratti to speak
  • Also in Ticino, Jakala, CityPop and Quadro Vehicles are all innovating design

 Lugano – March 24, 2019. Today, at the Municipality of Lugano, Netcomm Suisse held its Media and Partners Day: a press event uniting various exciting new initiatives from the design and technology sectors. Politicians and brand representatives presented the projects that aim to generate innovation and growth in Ticino.

In the last few years, the design sector has grown at the global level, especially as regards online sales of interior design artifacts: the sector is set to increase by 11.9% by 2022 ( However, it’s not without its challenges: the objects sold in the design industry are often much larger and more expensive than fashion accessories, so for this and other reasons, the industry has not always been at the forefront of the new digital paradigm and online shopping model that consumers are today so familiar with.

The meeting, at Lugano’s City Hall, looked at some forthcoming innovations to help change that and thus to bring powerful new opportunities to the canton. The Mayor of Lugano, Marco Borradori started the meeting and, together with the Director of the Division of the Economy, Department of Finance and the Economy, Stefano Rizzi, presented important projects that the local and canton-level institutions are supporting in the DesignTech and Lifestyle sectors.

One of the most hotly-anticipated of these initiatives is Netcomm Suisse’s very own Design E-nnovation event, kicking off on June 18th this year.

With the support of local institutions, the collaboration of major brands in the sector and the work of Netcomm Suisse, Switzerland’s very first event dedicated entirely to DesignTech will be a chance to explore the new relationship between design and technological innovation in Ticino.

Carlo Terreni, President of NetComm Suisse, spoke to announce Design E-innovation, which will be attended by industry experts, major brands and European start-ups. He said, “Design is a huge sector in Ticino and in itself is exactly the kind of creative and innovative industry that can drive the economy and create more jobs in the very near future. Also, it’s a sector with great potential for taking advantage of innovative technology: from marketing and supply chain right the way through to virtual reality shopping experiences and 3D printing. That’s why we’re so keen to support the world of DesignTech now, simply because it’s an area where, if we get it right, is going to see a lot of positive innovation in the very near future.

The event is sponsored by Facebook, Google, Tinext, ForContact, MLL Legal and includes among its partners such names as, the Department of finance and economics, the City of Lugano, Dagorà SA, the International Institute of Architecture, Corriere del Ticino, SIA (The Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects), SUPSI, Loomish SA, Mooris, My Draco, Spazio 1929, The Bridge, Design Wanted and Fashion magazine. It will be important for another reason: it will host the first ever Design E-nnovation Award. Presented by Loomish SA after the success of similar awards in the FashionTech sector, the Design E-innovation Award, sees DesignTech start-ups/scale-ups pitching their solutions and projects to a jury of experts from design brands, academia and investors.

One notable member of the jury, and in fact, speaker at the event is the MIT’s Professor Carlo Ratti. A world famous designer, architect and entrepreneur who currently heads up the Massachusetts university’s Senseable Design City Lab, focused on making use of new technology to make cities more liveable. For anybody interested in meeting Mr. Ratti, there are still tickets available (as of time of writing) to claim the last few at:

Designing and transforming how people live was the topic of the next speaker: Manuel Gamber, CEO of CityPop. CityPop is establishing its “micro-living” business model here in Ticino, aimed at transforming the way we live and bringing a kind of “Spotify of housing” to the market. Aimed at young people, singles, highly-mobile managers its focus on a simplified lifestyle supported by serviced accommodation is very in-line with the design theme of the Netcomm Suisse press event.

There were further interventions by among others, Marco Di Dio Roccazzella, Administrative Director of Jakala, who discussed the Ticino development in the field of design and innovation, confirming the decision to open their first office in Ticino at the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center of Dagorà, as well as some words by Giovanni Natarbartolo Di Funardi, COO of Quadro Vehicles. Quadro Vehicles is specialized in the creation of high tech vehicles with design at their heart, typified by the Qooder, a four-wheeled mobility solution with an innovative and technologically advanced design.

What the press event showed, then, was that there is a huge public and business interest in the world of DesignTech in Ticino, with numerous initiatives taking place right now. For those interested in discovering more about what the future holds, we invite you to visit the Design E-nnovation website.