While a lot of today’s marketing is linked to online channels, going offline and creating a business event or conference can make an incredible difference, offering a tangible experience for attendees that online marketing cannot touch. At Netcomm Suisse, we’ve been doing it since our foundation. This is a short article to explore some of the best practices when creating a business event.


STEP 1 – Develop themes and objectives

The first step of organizing an event is to establish clear goals aimed at driving quantifiable metrics of success as well as getting a very deep understanding of the thematic content of the event.

For example, for the coming event in Design E-nnovation (coming on June 18th 2019), we collected a large amount of data and knowledge about the sector through research and interactions with brands and associates. 6-months prior to the event, we held a workshop with Design professionals and brands to gain their unique perspectives and insights into the design sector and to understand the challenges and opportunities regarding the business.

What we learned through these steps help us to identify key topics for the main event. For the design business, we learned that while online furniture sales are increasing, there are serious logistics issues to overcome. Other problems identified are that the design sector needs to innovate its business model in order to unlock the future potential of the market. While the design market is quite large, it is fragmented, complex and somewhat limited in overcoming the challenges of a journey towards digitization: all topics to explore further at our upcoming event.


STEP 2 – Choose the perfect location

The location is a key to a successful event. We’re not just talking about good parking or a beautiful/functional building in which to host the event: also the geographic area is fundamental. We chose Ticino as the perfect spot for the Design E-nnovation event thanks to the numerous design brands in the territory. Ticino is growing and becoming more attractive to design companies thanks to the high quality of life, favorable economy, and the existence of innovation hubs to support business and innovation growth. Overall, revenue in the Furniture market in Switzerland amounts to €12m in 2019 and the market is expected to grow annually by 3.1% (see chart below). Combined with the strength of the local digital innovation economy, Ticino seemed the best spot for our event.


STEP 3 – Select Speakers and Partner of relevance

When planning an event, one of the key elements to its overall success is having the right speakers and partners. A great event can inspire audience, provide fresh insights and even drive positive change in a sector.

For our event Design E-nnovation we will host Professor Carlo Ratti (MIT), an innovation and design luminary who works on areas such as digital technologies within architecture, smart homes and future urbanization. Other speakers come from the leading furniture and interior design brands from Switzerland and beyond, such as Poliform,, Giorgetti, Penta Light, Boffi, Flou, Kundalini and more. It’s not easy to bring the top brands in a sector to your event: you need to show them the relevance of what you’re doing – that’s why step 1 above is so important: it helps to build your credibility as a partner.


STEP 4 – Create an opportunity for your attendees

We always strive to facilitate engagement and connections between our attendees: offering new opportunities, chances to meet the top brands, to interact with the leading speakers. We believe that expanding connections and business opportunities, networking and sharing ideas and insights are the real measure of success of an event: it’s not about the number of tickets sold. This is true for everybody present: even the sponsors, although they are interested in excellent brand visibility – they are there first of all to be a genuine part of the industry as it grows, to meet partners and potential customers and to gain insights that can help them understand not just the state of the industry today, but especially, how it will be tomorrow.