Alberto Spinelli

Alberto Spinelli

Founder & CEO | Poliform

Alberto Spinelli, born in 1946, represents the company’s second generation. He is the son of one of the four founders and succeeds his father in 1970. Together with his two cousins, he decides to give a new direction to the company. They decide indeed to change the company name from Spinelli Anzani to Poliform and, above all, the distribution strategy, turning to increasingly large markets with modern and design products.

Alberto Spinelli in particular has always taken care of the most “artistic” aspects of the company, selecting the architects, establishing the brief, following the phase of prototyping and product development, up to confirm the approval of the Italian and foreign trade network.

Still nowadays he continues in his vocation, always looking for architects and designers who know how to best interpret Poliform strategy.

And so the challenge begins: Poliform is founded, a company with the goal of producing modern, rational, design modular furniture, keeping the primitive crafts mark.

The production provides the complete home furnishing: day units, bookcases, tables, chairs, sideboards, wardrobes, beds, loose furniture and kitchens.

In June 2018 he received, together with his cousins, the Compasso d’oro alla carriera the most important prize for the design world.

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