Federico Carandini

Federico Carandini

Founder | Epònimo

Federico Carandini is the founder of Epònimo, a manufacturer of contemporary furniture based in Milano. He received a B.F.A. in fine arts from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and has worked for over 14 years in New York City as an industrial and furniture designer, most notably with Eric Chan at ECCO Design. In 2005 he moved to Milano where he was Creative Director of Baleri Italia until 2013, in charge of renewing the company’s image and product line. In 2014 he founded Epònimo the company of which he is CEO and Creative Director: it is a start-up with a flexible team and a primarily virtual presence on the market that banks on the opportunity offered by modern technology to operate remotely and worldwide, in a nomadic fashion and without a traditional physical base or a large staff, while bringing together excellences for project-specific collaborations. Epònimo’s furniture collection on the other hand is all about the physical and quite tangible: it mediates between memories of the past and opportunities of the present, integrating familiarity with aesthetic and technical innovation, the core elements for the success of contemporary furniture. As design professor Federico has taught at Pratt Institute in New York, University Of The Arts in Philadelphia, Syracuse University in Florence and has lectured at the Politecnico and Università Bocconi in Milano.

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