Filippo Berto

Filippo Berto

CEO | Berto

Filippo Berto is from Milan. He earned a degree in economics from the Catholic University there in the mid 90s and has a strong background in information technology, SEO, web commerce, PR and blogging. Fioravante and Carlo Berto, Filippo’s father and uncle started Berto, the company, in 1974. Filippo entered the business in 1997 and immediately began pushing for Berto to develop a distinctive web presence. At a time when few companies were online in Italy, Berto became an internet pioneer, exploring the medium and interacting with consumers in novel ways. In 2004 Filippo started bertostory, the first Italian blog about furniture. The site has been hugely successful in welcoming customers into the world of interior art and design and connecting audiences to a broader discussion about Italian artisan craft. Berto’s business is built around ‘the artisan’. Filippo established and reinforces this identity and is frequently invited to speak about his experience bringing artisan craft into the twenty-first century and the future of sustainable manufacturing at universities and research centers. Filippo and Berto have helped elevate the profile of Italian artisans and export the ‘made in Italy’ label and spirit around the world.

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